Lee Stellakis


Strategic Advisor

• Lee’s career started in hospitality. Growing up, Lee’s father owned and operated a 24/7 365 diner in New Jersey where he worked as a busboy, waiter, and short order cook. He reflects on that work experience as being the most influential in shaping his career trajectory.

• Graduate of The University of Notre Dame (BS Civil Engineering) and Stanford University (MS Structural Engineering)

• Upon graduation, Lee joined ARCO/Murray. He became a principal of the company in 2011. He has been responsible for the overall operations of the organization and has overseen ARCO/Murray’s growth from a $20M/year to $600M/year. He focuses his time on recruiting and acquiring talent, managing a team of people who oversee the execution of the construction work itself, and strategic growth initiatives of the organization, most recently procurement strategies and technology development.

• Lee lives in Chicago with his wife Jordan and three Kids (Marie, Jack, and Frankie). When it’s time to tune it all, take a break and get out of the city, Lee enjoys running (not that fast) and spending time on his family’s farm in LaPorte Indiana (not really a great farmer).